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Hoekstra Trading LLC

Options Investment Articles
published articles by George Hoekstra

The following articles have been published in Active Trader Magazine and Futures and Options Trader Magazine and are available for purchase online at the Active Trader Magazine website:
  • Analyzing the odds in options - straightforward analysis can help you find option bargains
  • Bargain hunting in options - use comparison shopping to simplify option price analysis
  • Crossing the options finish line - a simple framework for deciding whether to hold or fold a trade
  • Focusing on volatility - searching the options market for the most favorable odds
  • Getting a handle on volatility - simple calculations can help you get a handle on volatility
  • Speculating with stock options - buying calls can be a sensible alternative for stock speculators
  • The quest for cheap options - tap into a wellspring of option profits
  • Who buys options? - who's really out there trading options?
  • A simpler volatility measure - the gain-loss spread, a new volatility measure for traders and investors
  • Applying a simpler volatility measure - a closer look at gain-loss spread
  • Sensible option price analysis - set the fancy math aside and find underpriced options