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Our 5-year diesel catalyst testing program is complete!
  • 40 pilot plant tests
  • 600 stream days of testing
  • 25 different catalysts from all vendors
  • 1 standard test protocol
  • 5 years of catalyst market research
  • 25 paying clients

 Publications by George Hoekstra


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Nov 2010 The Catalyst Review - The industry's first open-market catalyst testing program


Sep 2007 Catalysis Today - Effects of gas-to-oil rate in ulsd diesel hydrotreating


Frequently Asked Questions and client feedback 
Who are your clients?
  • Independent refiners, major oil companies, catalyst suppliers, and investors

What is the cost?

  • $75,000/year for refiners with corporate capacity under 1 million barrels per day
  • $100,000/year for anyone else

What is your client feedback?

  • "You helped us see things in a whole new light"
  • "This is great work that really helped us choose the right catalyst for our unit"
  • "Your work has always been done with deep knowledge, keen insight, and highest integrity"
  • "You got us focused on a strategy that really works"
  • "This is powerful information not available anywhere else"
  • "We need more scientific information like your amazing efforts"

How do your clients use your reports?

  • To identify the best catalysts for commercial units and buy them at industry low prices
  • To benchmark catalysts against the best in the industry
  • To understand the inner workings of the catalyst business

What is your testing schedule?

  • We do two pilot plant runs per year, four catalysts per run
  • One pilot plant run is in the summer and one is in the winter
  • Our database of catalyst performance data continues to grow each year 

Can I use data from your standardized test to select catalyst for my unit?

  • Yes. Our data and catalyst ratings can be applied across a wide range of feeds and conditions
  • This most likely includes your diesel hydrotreater.
  • We will help you develop a strategy to choose the right catalyst with confidence

How do you decide which catalysts to test?

  • We test the catalysts our clients want tested
  • Every new client has the option to select catalysts to include in the next year's program
  • Our database includes catalysts from all major vendors

Which catalysts have you tested?

  • We have tested catalysts from all major suppliers
  • Our list includes catalysts from all generations of Type II catalysts
  • Our catalyst list is available on request

Where do you get your test samples?

  • We approach suppliers annually requesting test samples
  • Some suppliers refuse to supply samples because of our requirement for transparency of test results
  • We also test field samples which are taken from commercial batches that are owned by our clients

What is included in your test reports?

  • All data from side-by-side pilot plant testing
  • Catalyst market research
  • A client-specific consultation with recommendations on how you can use our results for catalyst selection

Where is your pilot plant testing done?

  • All our testing is done by C Solutions in Thessaloniki, Greece

Why do you emphasize "taking the mystery out of catalyst selection"?

  • There are 200+ products which is very confusing to customers.
  • There is a tendency to make catalyst selection too complex.
  • A simpler approach works well and helps you take charge of your catalyst selection.

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