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George Hoekstra Publications


Sep 2017 Digital Refining FCC gasoline desulfurization for Tier 3 sulfur compliance

May 2016 RefComm Galveston Pushing the limits of FCC gasoline desulfurization


Sep 2015 Fuel magazine Sensible catalyst selection


May 2015  RefComm Galveston  Fact and fantasy in catalyst selection


May 2014 Hart's Downstream Refining  Refiners reap big benefits in testing ulsd catalysts


Mar 2014 AFPM Annual Meeting  Catalyst selection, a refiner's perspective


Jun 2012 Refinery Operations  Over-promising on catalyst performance


Mar 2012 Refinery Operations  High Catalyst cost helped bring down Petroplus


May 2011 Refinery Operations  Independent catalyst testing


Nov 2010 The Catalyst Review  The industry's first open-market catalyst testing program


Sep 2007 Catalysis Today The effects of gas-to-oil rate in ultra low sulfur diesel hydrotreating